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 April 25, 2014
 Shamsi Shahrokhi - Recepient of the 2014 Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC)
                                Achievement Award in the Field of Art




The Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) of Ontario hosted its annual gala to honour individual members of the Iranian-Canadian community for their outstanding personal achievements and their contribution to the community.

Nominees were selected in the areas of Education & Research, Arts, Culture, and Philanthropy and the candidates were recognized at the prestigious Achievement Awards Gala on April 25, 2014 held in Le Parc Banquet Hall in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Mrs. Shamsi Shahrokhi was the recipient of the 2014 ICC Achievement Award in the field of Arts.


Shamsi posses with the Iranian-Canadian Congress members of the Board of Directors (top) and delivers a speech to the delegation of the 2014 ICC achievements gala. (right) The Iranian-Canadian Congress (“ICC”) was formed in 2007. The ICC is a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to improving the lives of Iranian-Canadians by promoting and protecting their rights and interests and encouraging their participation in Canadian society.
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